The Price of Power

A New Danger Emerges

Two new faces appeared in Athkatla recently, the young and happy Half Elf Ranger Tiakka and the wonderfully talented Dwarven Bard Kulgadi.

Taikka and her boar companion Gruntar travel the lands with a happy wanderlust and natural curiosity. A leather worker by trade, she decided to see what The City of Coin is all about. She quickly discovers that the roads in Amn aren’t always the safest and on the way, she runs across a caravan that has camped for the night. Although there is music, food, and laughter coming from the caravan; Taikka decides it’s best to bypass the caravan and make camp further down the road. She is awoken at night by some intruders looking to capture her as a slave and take her back to someone named “Za-ier”. Luckily she got the jump on them and defeated her would-be captors.

Within the next day or two she finally arrived in Athkatla by meeting up with some friendly travelers. They recommended that she see the experienced leather worker Phileris in the Trades District as he can possibly help her. Upon arriving, she was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the city. She made a quick stop at a nearby leather shop and was told that if she was looking for a place to stay, she should check out the Lusty Dagger Tavern because it will accept Gruntar. She thought that was a great idea, and made her way to the Lusty Dagger for a room and received some useful information on where to find Phileris. After a quick meal, she walked across the city and to Phileris’ shop. A shady young man informs her that Phileris is at the “Tailors” Inn in the Wave District where he had some business he was attending to. With no other answers, she heads to the the Tailors to find the wayward Phileris. The Tailors is a large stone Inn with many rooms. She sees someone matching the description of Phileris talking to Khalid in the back of the Inn and looking nervous. She decides to take a seat and eavesdrop on what is going on.
Kulgadi traveled to Athkatla with a Dwarven caravan from Earthheart to try out as a singer at The Golden Dragonne Theatre. Unaware of the Theatre’s infamous history, he arrived in Athkatla with a gleam in his eye and hope in his heart. He arrived at the theatre behind a long line of performers, awaiting the chance to audition in front of the famed Air Genasi singer Jasmine that is overseeing the auditions. Kulgadi finally had his chance to perform and although he had some pitch problems, it was good enough that she told one of her slaves to show him to the general dressing room for a fitting to see how he would look in costume. While dressing in his costume, he heard a noise behind some clothes racks. He took a look and discovered a disheveled young women hiding in the back of the closet.

“Help me” She begged him. Before he can get any more answers out of her, 3 hobgoblins bust into the dressing the room. One of them says, “Get the girl, kill the witness!”. Kugaldi tried to talk his way out of it, but to no avail, the hobgoblins had their orders. A fight ensued, resulting in 2 dead hobgoblins. The 3rd one being too tough resulted in Kugaldi and the young woman running for their lives. They escaped out of the theatre and she led them to the The Tailors Tavern. She explained that she had friends there and they would be safe.
Khalid and Rayle bring the head of Inale’ath back to his superior and tells him of what happened. Khalid is told to lie low for a couple of days until he receives new orders and Rayle decides to take the tests and trials to join the same organization that Khalid is in. In a couple of days, Khalid receives orders to go to the The Tailors to meet with several people that have “business” arrangements with them and have not fulfilled their portion of the agreement.

After seeing a few people, one of Khalid’s work associates brings in Phileris the Leather worker to meet with Khalid. Phileris explains he can not fulfill his portion of the agreement due to Midnight Edict interference. As terms were being worked out, a Dwarf and young woman burst into the Tailors. The young woman notices Khalid and runs over to him and exclaims that she is Zoe and that she needs his help. Khalid eventually recognizes Zoe and started questioning her. Shortly thereafter, a group of thugs enters the tavern looking for Zoe. They are being led by that red haired hobgoblin with a wicked looking glaive. He orders them to capture the girl and kill the rest, and then exits the tavern.
A battle ensues, resulting in the deaths of the thugs as well as several patrons and the barkeep. Zoe quickly explains that everyone is in danger as the red haired hobgoblin is a dangerous hunter and never forgets a face. The three quickly agree that there are safety in numbers and the group makes their way to Khalid’s new safe house in the Merchant District.


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