The Price of Power

Persistence is key

Revenge came to Athkatla recently on the blade of the Weaponmaster Drakarian. Drakarian has spent the last few days trying to find something, anything on the Midnight Edict. With some luck, his close friend Bhodi came across some info that could help him. This information led him to the home of Phileris the Leatherworker in the Trades District. When he arrived, surprisingly, the door opens and stands there is an all too trusting Taikka. Eventually they invite in Drakarian and after some conversation, he reveals that he is after the Midnight Edict due to them wronging him and his family. Because of this, he joins up with the party as they seem to share a somewhat similar goal.

The group explains to Drakarion on there current task about the Serin Traveris’ warehouse that they can not gain access to due to them not being from Mulhorand. They turn to some of their trusted contacts and friends to see if they heard anything. Finally luck goes in the group’s favor and they are told to check an area in the northern Trade District that has a small street where some Mulhorandi have migrated to. The group travels there and happens upon an establishment called “The Eye”. The group bluffs their way pass the bouncers pretending they were entertainers and servants. This actually works but not in the way they suspect. Kugaldi thought he would be able to sing and entertain while the group scans The Eye for someone of importance that can help them. As it turns out, the lack of knowing Mulhorandi music leads the group to serve food and drink.

As everyone looks around, they notice a Mulhorandi man with some guards at a corner table. Taikka makes her way over but spills her tray of drink, drawing the Mulhorandi man’s attention. He calls her over and she attempts to talk her way out of the situation and introduces himself as Ramas. Taikka attempts to get a little information and talk her way out of the sitaution but he sees through the deception and challenges her into an old Mulhorandi truth game.

Through the game, they learn that the only way to get into the warehouse and question Serin was to have a piece of cloth with a Mulhorandi symbol on it. He explains that he is a mercenary that acts as a slaver for the Midnight Edict while he re-establishes himself in Athkatla. He agrees to give her the paper as he cares less about them questioning Serin, as long as they don’t harm his business in any way. He re-iterates that harming his business will result in dire consequences. Scared and apprehensive, Taikka takes the paper and the party leaves and regroups.


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