The Price of Power

The best defense is a good offense

The party makes their way down to the River District and to Serin Traveris’ warehouse once again. This time with the paper, the guards let them in and the group begins to scan the interior of the large warehouse for Serin. They spot him on the far side of the warehouse talking to some workers with his wife. Before they can speak, Serin shoves his way past the workers, knocking down his wife in the process, and runs toward a hallway that leads to the warehouse shipping tower.

Khalid quickly pursues Serin up the tower as the rest of the group stays behind to help battle some of the warehouse guards and workers. Khalid gets to the top of the tower and discovers Serin at the top clutching nervously to an activated portal. He seems scared and intimidated and begs Khalid no to kill him. Khalid tells him no harm will come to him if he answers his questions. Meanwhile, back at the bottom of the warehouse the rest of the party defeated the guards. Krakarion rushes up to the top of the tower to get to Khalid while Taikka and Kugaldi head after Serin’s wife, who ran through a doorway at the far side of the warehouse. When they open the door, they see it leads to a narrow staircase that descends into a small room. At the bottom of the staircase a cloaked figure with 2 viscous blades. The figure makes his way up the stairs and Taikka and Kugaldi make their way away from the mysterious figure and get to the top of the tower and to regroup with Khalid and Drakarion.

The two warn that this guy is coming up the tower lift and as he ascends, they can see its a Genasi with shifting elemental energy. Serin finally admits that he was a pawn for the Midnight Edict and his “Butler”, Dummik, was actually placed there to make sure business was running smoothly. Dummik uses his air Genasi ability to fly up the rest of the tower and a viscious fight ensues. The spinning dervish style of Dummik was hard to counter and ended up with several down party members. But the group persevered and a lucky dagger from Khalid killed dervish after a long fight.

The group decides to keep Dummik alive and binds him along with Serin. They escape the warehouse in their rented covered wagon with the 2 prisoners and head back to the Phileris’ house. Upon arriving they put the 2 prisoners in the living room as Kugaldi checks the bedrooms. Before Kugaldi can react he is viscously grabbed from behind and stabbed repeatedly. He soon drops unconscious and a fight ensues as the rest of the party discover a there are 3 assassins that have been lying in wait for their return. Not only were these assassins skilled with poison daggers but were able to fire blasts of energy from their hands as well as siphon the life force of others to heal themselves. After a very close battle, the heroes squeaked out another victory and realize they are no longer safe here. Once again, they load up the wagon and Khalid drives the wagon to the south side of the Center District to The Silk Eye. There he drops them off and instructs them to see Rowan while he takes the 2 prisoners away. Drakarian raises an eyebrow to this, but eventually the party lets Khalid drive off into the night.


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