The Price of Power

The Hunters become the Hunted

Khalid, Taikka, Kugaldi, and Zoe fled the The Tailors and take refuge with the Dwarf caravan that Kugaldi came to Athkatla with. Kugaldi’s cousin “Vin”, agreed to take them in until the heat dies down. There they questioned Zoe on what happened and how she came to get captured. Zoe explained that she was having dinner with Lord Serin Traveris, his wife, and his 2 mistresses. Zoe and Serin often have these private dinners where they share all sorts of gossip and information. When Zoe went to freshen up in another room, someone put a bag overhead from behind her and she was taken to some place underground where she was interrogated on the whereabouts of Rayle and Khalid. Zoe resisted at first, but succumb to mysterious enchantments that caused her to reveal delicate information. She reveals that there is a Hobgoblin named Brakan the hunter that is looking for them and seems very skilled.

After Zoe was done, the group decided to handle some personal business. Taikka,accompanied by Kugaldi, go back to Phileris’ leather shop where she inquires about his apprentice. Khalid, on the other hand, follows Kugaldi and Taikka. Phileris agrees to take on Taikka as an apprentice and after they leave, Khalid enters and strong arms Phileris into giving Taikka a place to stay for being his apprentice. Phileris does not have the funds to do this since he is be “shook down” by both the Midnight Edict and the Shadow Thieves, so Khalid threatens him until he gives up his large apartment in the trades district, forcing the leather workers family to move into the shop.

The next day Taikka is surprised and a little suspicious as she received this apartment simply for being an apprentice, but takes it anyway. Khalid stayed up all night watching the place, thinking that Taikka would unknowingly draw out there attackers, giving them a chance to counter strike, but nothing happened. Khalid tells Kugaldi that he should watch the shop while Taikka is working during the day, in case she gets attacked, as he is going to get some sleep. Kugaldi agrees but ends up heading to the center district to meet up with some contacts. Back at the shop, 2 Midnight Edict agents enter and attempt to shake down Phileris, but Taikka intervenes and kills one, but the other escapes. Phileris takes his family and leaves in panic, telling Taikka to lock up if she is going to stay. Taikka, afraid and alone, flees back to the apartment to wait for the others.

When all the party gets together, its discovered that the body had a small bag of spice on him with the symbol of Serin Traveris on it. The group decides to take the fight to the enemy and locates Serin’s warehouse and shipping dock. This warehouse has one of the few magical lifts that on the docks that helps move shipments around. Upon inspection, the group notices several guards at each door and on the roof. They tried several ways to enter the building, including distractions, being clandestine, and finally trying to bluff their way in. Each method failed but the when trying to bluff the guards, it seems that they are only allowing someone or some people that are Mulhorandi and have “The Paper”. Dejected, the group leaves and ponders what the next move will be.


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